Keep Your Health Up by In-taking Matcha Green Tea

matcha tea

Any fitness trainer would suggest you to have matcha or green tea on a regular basis. Yes, this organic tea has many health and fitness benefits associated with it and despite its unusual taste, it is the favourite of health freaks. However, new tea-makers have resolved the issue of its bitter taste and one can buy flavoured green tea from any well-known matcha store.

Matcha tea detoxifies the body and burns calories faster

It is believed that one who in-takes matcha tea every day can reduce weight faster. However, this is possible due to various health benefits of this organic tea. It is high in anti-oxidants that fight against the negative effects of ultra-violet radiation and make us look younger and healthier. This effect of matcha makes the skin look younger than usual. One bowl of this tea provides about five times more anti-oxidants than any other food. Not only this, but the anti-oxidant contained by it is the most beneficial one named as EGCg, which is a kind of catechin anti-oxidant.

Matcha green tea was earlier used by Buddhist monks in China for staying calmer and meditating. It has a higher rate of amino acid L-Theanine, which helps in this by inducing relaxation in the body and mind. Due to this amino acid, memory and concentration are also strengthened. Matcha green tea is known for burning calories four times faster than normal and thus increases metabolism. It removes the heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body to detoxify it, and makes one feel fresh for the entire day.


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