The turnstiles are a form of mechanical gates that are installed for security. For increasing the level of physical security, the best option is to install a glass turnstile to control the access of the visitors. Its glass barriers provide better security and have an inviting look. It allows passing only one person at a time. The following are some advantages of using turnstiles.

Improved security – The turnstiles provide powerful access control by detecting and deterring unauthorized entries. It limits the number of people that can enter and exit on each credential. It also controls the direction of the passage. For entering through the turnstile, you must have valid credentials. The gate immediately locks after the person has passed. The modern turnstiles have high-quality feature of detection that recognizes and notifies tailgating, forced, and loitering passage. It notifies the user with alarm and alerts the control center regarding the unauthorized entry.

Integration with access control – The turnstiles easily integrate with the system of access control. It conjugates with security equipments like doors, cameras, etc. that makes sure only specific people are making entry. It gives the information like location, specific entry, and time of each person. It also displays live data that is helpful in tracking visitors.

Operational flexibility – It has a wide range of credential readers that allows using different types of media for authorized entry such as magnetic strips, biometric, barcodes, etc. It can also operate single or bi-directionally.